Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Don't spend a fortune to look fab!

Being from a small southern rural area with nothing to do, it becomes pretty monotonous.  That's why sometimes you need to dig deep in your closet for a cute outfit, throw on some lip stick, and grab a drink.  

As we all know when you are twenty-four, single, and clearly fabulous, you most likely don't have tons of money to throw around.  This is why I try to make, looking for clothes in my closet, feel more like i'm shopping at my favorite store.
      Not one piece of this outfit is new.  

*Green Blazer - H&M 30 bucks 2 years ago
*Floral peplum top-H&M 20 bucks bought about 6 months ago
*Orange shorts- H&M 20 bucks bought about 4 months ago  
* Nude heels- Charlotte Russe - 20 bucks bought a 18 months ago
* Faux diamond belt buckle bracelet- 6 bucks 2 months ago at a local flea market
Can you tell I love H&M? 

Now let's talk about MAKEUP!!!!!

Maybelline FIT liquid foundation 6 bucks at your local drugstore. Works just as well as a high end foundation you would pay 40 bucks for.  

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder- 5 bucks at your local drugstore.  This stuff  is amazing! It gives you that finished airbrush look for cheap!

Maybelline Eye Studio Eye liner with wand-  This is my favorite product ever!!!! You don't run out of it quickly and your eye-liner goes on super smooth and straight.  Remember to clean your wand after every use.  

Cover Girl Lash Blast is definitely a must have.  It's 7 bucks and works fabulously!!

This is proof ladies that you don't have to spend a fortune to look fab!